Droit et Justice aims to facilitate access to justice for all social classes, denounce cases of judicial dysfunction, and suggest solutions to shortcomings in legislation.


Providing access to justice for the benefit of economically disadvantaged communities in Morocco.

Core Values:

  •  Integrity
  •  Independence
  •  Quality of service
  •  Innovation


  • Providing legal assistance to indigent people and victims whose human rights and fundamental freedoms have been violated;
  • Promoting respect for Rule of Law through public debates, round tables, seminars, and training sessions;
  • Encouraging a culture of free legal aid in Morocco though the organization of community events;
  • Developing recommendations and proposals for reform that are then utilized in lobbying efforts;
  • Preparing reports on different categories of law (civil, criminal, commercial, public, private, and national and international human rights)
  • Establishing contact with like-minded institutions, organizations, and national and international NGOs through exchanges of experience and expertise