Promotion of Gender Equality in the Moroccan Judicial System

This project is co-financed by the European Union

Project Overview

With co-funding from the European Union, this ambitious 3-year-program, launched in May 2016, aims to improve gender equality under Moroccan law to ensure better respect for women’s rights.

This program includes three main components: proposing recommendations to amend discriminatory legislation, capacity-building with law enforcement officials to ensure a more uniform and less discriminatory application of existing laws, and increasing women’s understanding of their rights.

In order to achieve these objectives, the program will rely upon many activities, such as the study of existing legislation; anti-discrimination training for judges and police officers; and legal assistance for women, including the establishment of a legal advice hotline and roadshow workshops to raise rural women’s awareness of their rights.

This program takes an inclusive and participatory approach involving judicial authorities, police, government and parliamentarians, and civil society organizations, in addition to Moroccan girls and women.

Seminars and Round Tables

Project Overview
Droit et Justice promotes the rule of law and justice system reform in Morocco through creating platforms for exchange and debate.

With the support of the HannsSiedel Foundation, Droit et Justice organizes seminars and roundtables on different themes, such as civil liberties (the freedom of speech, freedom of the press), reform of the penal code, Rule of Law, and the democratization of Morocco since the adoption of the new constitution in 2011.